Versus Verses

Fr. Walter's Parish

Fr. Walter's Parish

Fr. Walter's Parish

Versus Verses
is a series of didactic proems, designed to teach not by imposition,
but by discovery.


A proem is a prose-poem.  Like prose,it is expository.  Like a poem,
it uses stanzas, rhyme and other poetical devices.
These proems are didactic, not lyrical. 
They appeal mainly to thought,​not emotion--
although I hope you feel deeply what you are correctly thinking.
Their style is sparse and concise, intended to render phrases quotable
by making them easy to memorize.


The technique is expressed in the word versus,
which does not always mean opposed to,
but sometimes as distinguished from.


I like to call this a collection of antithetical epigrams,

or—if you prefer—epigrammatic antitheses.

On each issue I am interested in not offering the last word,
but in you taking the first step.
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