The Polish Club (KKD)

Fr. Walter's Parish

      KKD stands for Katolicki Klub Dyskusyjny, a Polish title translated as the Catholic Discussion Club.  It was founded by Fr. Christopher Malachowski in New York City shortly after the conclusion of Vatican Council II.  Its purpose has been to provide an opportunity for the Polish-speaking Catholics of the Metropolitan area to deepen the knowledge of their faith through theological lectures and discussion. Over the thirty years I have been their chaplain, the programs have expanded to include concerts, dramatic presentations, pilgrimages, retreats, Days of Recollection, and other festivities.

     Currently, we meet on the second and fourth Sunday of every month at St. Stanislaus Church, NYC, located in Manhattan at 101 East 7th Street (between First Avenue and Avenue A)., according to the following schedule: (2a i 4a Niedziela kazdego miesiaca).

                               2:30 pm Confessions (Spowiedz)
                               3:00 pm Mass (Msza)
                               4:00 pm Coffee Hour and program in the hall                  beneath the church.                                                                                                             
                                    Everything is conducted in the Polish language.

                       Stala siedziba Klubu jest
Kosciol Sw. Stanislawa B. i M. naManhattanie--101 E. 7 Street pomiedzy First Avenue oraz  Avenue A.  Dojazd linia "6" do Astor Place lub metrem "F" do 2 Ave.  Wszystkie spotkania sa na druga i czwarta niedziele kazdego miesiaca

                       Spowiedź  godz. 2.30 ppoł.

                       Msza Św.  godz. 3.00 ppoł.

                       Spotkanie  godz. 4.00 ppoł.

                                Informacja: tel. 347-225-4860
                                          Available DVDs:

               1) Celebration of the 25th Anniversary the KKD on October 28,      2001:
                      disc one: the Mass with Bishop Joseph Wysocki, chief celebrant, and the  Przyjazn Choir of St.Stanislaus Church, NYC
                     disc  two: the cultural program in the church hall

             2) Fountain of the Spirit, a concert by Polish musicians on March  8,                  2008, with
                 Piotr Gajewski (trumpet), Joanna Dabrowski (flute), Malgorzata Staniszewska (vocal),  Marcin Pekala (organist and director).

             3) The Concert and Mass with the Marianski Choir of Cracow, Poland, on September 28, 2008,  with Jan Rybarski, conductor, and Fr. Stanislaw Ziobron, celebrant.

             4) The Concert and Mass with the Angelus Chorus of Brooklyn, NYC, on April 4, 2009,with Izabela Grajner-Partyka, conductor.

             5) Czuwanie, a performance on April 26, 2009 by the Polski Instytut Teatralny w Ameryce, commemorating the 25th anniversary of the martyrdom of Fr. Jerzy Popieluszko.

             6) The Concert of Christmas Carols by the Angelus Chorus on December 27, 2009, with Izabela Grajner-Partyka, conductor.

              7) Polish Christmas Carols sung at a Concert and Mass by the Member Choruses of the Polish Singers Alliance of America, District 7. 

Fr. Witold Baczynski is the celebrant.  
              8) A Chopin Concert  sponsored by the Polish Singers Alliance of America, District 7.  The pianists are Anastasia Popova, Roman Markowicz, and Shelley Hartman. Izabella Kobus-Salkin conducts; Malgorzata Kellis is the soprano.  Part 1: The Concert;  Part 2: The Mass.

               9) Polish Christmas Carols '11 sung at a Concert and Mass by the Member Choruses of the Polish Singers Alliance of America, District 7.  Fr. Tomasz Szczepanczyk is the celebrant.

             10) A Lenten Concert and Mass with the Angelus Choir of Brooklyn, NY, on April 3, 2011 at St. Stephen's Church , NYC.  Izabela Grajner-Partyka is the Director and Fr. Andrzej Gorczyca  is  the Prinicpal Celebrant and Homilist.