Fr. Walter's Parish

​​​​​      Waiting for God--Oh! is a weekly television series

appearing on cable stations in Manhattan, NYC, USA. 

Since its inception in 1995, the programming has consisted of

liturgical services, lectures, concerts, interviews, dramas, etc. 

All of the original material is available on the DVDs

listed on the Video Catalogue page  of this website.  

    Manhattan Neighborhood Network (MNN)

is the non-profit organization

that handles the broadcasting on public access channels.

Waiting for God-Oh! appears onTuesdays at 10:30 am

on Spectrum Cable ch. 1997,

RCN Cable ch.84, and Verizon Fios ch. 35. 

If you do not have cable, or if you live outside of Manhattan,

know that MNN streams the programming live on its website. 

Click on and follow the instructions.

Current Schedule

A Chopin Concert

at St. Stephen's R. C. Church, NYC

Tuesday, Oct. 15    Part One

Polonaise in A Major

Anastasia Popova, pianist

Tuesday, Oct. 22    Part Two

Malgorzata Kellis, soprano

Shelley Hartman, pianist

 Tuesday, Oct. 29    Part Three

The Mass

Polish Singers Alliance of America





Waiting for God -- Oh !